Throughout our 20 years in business in Houston, TX USA we have accrued significant experience in buying, selling, and servicing various types of oil and gas equipment. Intercontact has delivered a full range of equipment and services required for the uninterrupted operation of offshore and land drilling rigs.

Intercontact’s staff has significant experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Complete management in fabrication of land and truck mounted drilling and workover rigs, mud and fuel systems

  • “Rebuild” services, US OEM and aftermarket parts on drilling rig components including drawworks, block swivels, mud pumps, solid control and other major rig components

  • BOP, BOP rams, wellheads, spools, mud line, manifolds, valves with WP 3,000 – 15,000 PSI

  • Mud pumps and engine-generator packages 400 – 2,400 HP

  • Mud cleaning systems, waste heat utilization boilers, solid control and close-loop systems

  • Steam generators, water cleaning, waste water treatment systems, desalination and oil heaters systems

  • Diesel generators, spare parts for Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins Engines and transmissions

  • Drill pipes, casing, kelly drives, pup joints, crossovers, hanger assemblies, fittings, flanges made in USA

  • Various tools, instrumentation and expendables including drilling bits, filters, all kinds of valves, gauges, flow meters, couplings, adapters, blocks, liners, pistons, oil seals, etc.

  • Spare parts and major components for all types of drilling rigs, mud & centrifugal pumps, BOPs, top drives, high pressure mud and vibrator hoses, pipe handling and fishing tools, general & industrial supply

  • Various oilfield fluids and lubricants

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