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     Intercontact Corporation, located in Houston, Texas, was established nearly 20 years ago to provide procurement and logistical services to oil and gas producers and drilling contractors around the world. Throughout these years we have accrued significant experience in buying, selling, and servicing various types of oil and gas equipment. Intercontact has delivered a full range of equipment and services required for the uninterrupted operation of drilling rigs. Driven by commitment to excellent customer service, Intercontact provides integrated, efficient and cost-effective solutions to operators in the industry and helps to SAVE SIGNIFICANT STAND-BY COSTS while driving down operating expenses.

     Intercontact has been recognized for its quick procurement (24-48 hours), outstanding logistic services, and high quality products at reasonable prices. The company also provides technical inspections, assistance in start-up and commissioning, and financing arrangements. Intercontact’s additional services include audit, accounting, banking and customs support, and representation of customer interests, including legal and translation support during negotiations with equipment manufacturers.

Company Aim and Focus

     Intercontact Corporation’s objective is to provide cost-effective, high-quality drilling equipment and services to our customers.  

     We aim to understand and meet our customer’s specific needs by applying our long-term industry experience, broad network of manufacturers and unique discounts to ensure optimal solutions for our customers. 

     Our focus is on timely, cost-efficient and logistically optimal delivery.


Future Plans

     Intercontact’s experienced staff, excellent reputation, market knowledge, long established business relationships, and low cost structure, truly distinguish the company in the industry and position it well for future success.

     We plan to conduct extensive market research to understand the needs of the oil and gas operators and continue expand our network of high quality and cost efficient manufacturers.

    We continuously research and broaden the range of equipment and services above and beyond the scope of contracts, in order to meet the needs of our customers in the ever-changing environment that oil and gas industry has been known for.

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