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    The company has significant experience and expertise in structural design, drawings and calculations including FEM analyses.


    Our services include:

  • Mechanical equipment, drawings and calculations.

  • Piping systems design, drawings and calculations.

  • Electrical designs and calculations.

  • Hydraulic systems design drawings and calculations.

  • Drilling equipment design, drawings and calculation.

  • Pipeline repair tools and equipment design and drawings.

  • Safety and Environmental design and drawings


    Our company also provides fabrication services such as:


  • Fabrication of drilling equipment as per customer request

  • Fabrication of pipeline repair tools and equipment

  • Fabrication of hydraulic systems and equipment

  • Fabrication of various control systems

  • Fabrication of spare parts as per customer request

  • Fabrication of aux. tools and equipment required to perform repairs and upgradings


For more information, contact your Intercontact representative or email us at

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