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   We can perform Drilling unit full condition surveys, Drilling unit pre-SPS surveys, Drilling unit acceptance surveys, Drilling unit efficiency operation surveys and many more.

    Project management services include: Project Organization, Monitoring and Engineering support.


   Following is the list of principal activities:

  • Organization and planning of project phases and time scheduling

  • Organization and planning of project work scope

  • Planning and preparation WBS (work brake down sheet which include all required tech specification for shipyard and third party contractors to perform project work)

  • Preparation of technical specifications for procurement department to purchase of equipment/material

  • Organization of re -certification of the unit and equipment

  • Organization of NDT inspection as per project requirement

  • Organization of steel replacement and related work to steel replacement

  • Organize QA/QC controls and inspection

  • Organization of Material verification for project need

  • Daily inspections of performed work

  • Organization of daily meetings with shipyard and contractors

  • Change/update project drawings and documentation

  • Preparation of documentation packages as per class requirements

  • Commissioning and acceptance of equipment and unit


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